With delicately oversized, handmade pieces designed for a precious little girl named Lola, my label includes an intricate handmade collection of large necklaces, oversized rings and charmed bracelets/ bangles. Formed from the sweet childhood memory of dressing up in your mothers jewels.. you can now have loving pride in your own delicates. Worn with a simple outfit 'Delicates for Lola' is a statement in itself. Materials used include chains, gemstones, crystals and feathers. Jewellery design is a passionate love of mine and it is something that should be shared & adorned by others. I am able to make-to-order, so please do not hesitate to contact me. delicatesforlola@hotmail.com

Friday, March 2, 2012

beauty in small things.

we often forget that despite all the problems, the world around us is still filled with beautiful, wonderful things. often we don't find beauty until it overwhelms us by being so big it's impossible to miss it.

I'm so grateful to have such a love for jewellery that i'll always notice the finer details.

a few months ago, i decided to pull dfl into the darkness. i wanted to be patient in finding out what i wanted and expected of my label.. with my beautiful sister being so successful, they are big footprints to follow in!
i'm going back to where it all started... having the love and joy for jewellery, the 'oh so peaceful' place i go to whilst designing my pieces.

there's no hurry for my first collection, no stress over whether my label is going to be successful or not.. just love for what i have a talent for.

a beautiful long weekend purely dedicated to jewels is just what i need!

below is another turquoise love of mine (i'll never have enough turquoise!) $310

all my love  xx